First and foremost, the brothers of Alpha Iota Gamma are diverse. We come from all four schools at Penn, and our interests in healthcare include clinical medicine, nursing, and healthcare business. Our brothers are accomplished; we are campus leaders, researchers, performing artists, and community activists. What unites us as a brotherhood is the desire to improve and impact the lives of others through healthcare. Progressively, healthcare in the real world is beginning to see the indispensable need for interdisciplinary teams in maintaining a continuum of care for patients, achieving maximum patient satisfaction, and ultimately improving patient outcomes. In ΑIΓ, we strive to create lasting interdisciplinary connections amongst future doctors, nurses, health care consultants, dentists, and other health professions through academic, philanthropic and social events.


Since we were founded in 2009, Alpha Iota Gamma has served as a foundation for professional growth among men and women dedicated to forging careers in healthcare. The brotherhood instills in its members the fundamental ethics that competence in human care demands. Through a commitment to discipline, compassion, and integrity, Alpha Iota Gamma strives to help develop the next generation of leaders in the field of health care.